"Come, let us build the wall of Jerusalem...” 
And I told them of the hand of my God that had been upon me for good,
and also of the words that the king had spoken to me.
And they said, “Let us rise up and build.”
So they strengthened their hands for the good work.

                                                            Nehemiah 2:17-18


There are many college students from diverse, urban backgrounds who have a desire to serve and lead within their communities.  There are also many barriers that hinder them from reaching their God-given potential as leaders.  On college campuses and in Christian ministries, they are generally under-represented and may lack the support they need to reach their full potential. These students are agents of change, but need a opportunity and support. 

Philadelphia Young Life believes the body of Christ needs these college leaders who will serve their communities well, bring cultural diversity, reach adolescents, and unify people from different backgrounds, perspectives, and life experiences.


These students need support in three primary areas of life: spiritual, social, and academic. Through an initiative involving class time, community building, and special projects as a cohort, students at Temple, Philadelphia Community College, and Esperanza will receive the support they need while attending college and serving as Young Life leaders their neighborhoods.


These individuals will go into their neighborhoods, college campuses, and careers equipped as agents of change.

  • Academic success— study skills, balancing a schedule, maturity in speaking with professors, etc.
  • Service-minded leaders—serving their community and volunteering in some capacity whether through churches, Young Life, or campus ministries.
  • Maturity in faith—able to articulate/contextualize the Gospel message, importance of individual and corporate Bible study/prayer, committed church attendance, etc.
  • Build bridges across cultures—bringing racial reconciliation to campuses and neighborhoods.

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