Making An Impact

We want to reach every kid in Philadelphia--middle schooler, high schooler, teen mom, disabled student, and college-age individual--with the message of the Gospel and give them the opportunity to be transformed through what they hear and experience.
Young Life does this through:

  • Club A relaxed, safe, and fun setting consisting of a meal, games, music, and skits where leaders share a message to facilitate discussions with youth and help them consider life issues. 
  • Camp Volunteer leaders accompany students on a trip of high adventure, fun, great food, and a positive message in a beautiful setting that gives the youth time for undistracted reflection. 
  • Campaigners A weekly gathering for kids who wish to learn more or grow in their faith through study, service and leadership.
  • Assists youth with their academic growth through after school homework help and facilitating college preparedness and campus visits. 
  • Ensure teens with disabilities can participate fully in activities that build self-esteem, challenge their limits, and bring them out of isolation by making society accessible—maximizing their abilities and encouraging their spirit. 
  • Create small groups that facilitate healthy discussion and vulnerability and lead to thoughtful processing of life’s issues.
  • Point kids to community resources for which Young Life has access; GED programs, job training sites, employment/recruiting fairs.
  • Provide a physical outlet that allows us to build a larger base of cliental as well as deeper mentor relationships through sport activities.

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